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Saturday January 31 - 9:30pm - Etherington Auditorium

Chip Hale/Canada/2008/90min


When Tyler Davidson brings his college buddy Chase home for the summer holidays a secret is revealed that threatens to tear his perfect family apart. This summer two young men discover the importance of friendship and second chances.

The Davidson family appears practically perfect in every way. Chase arrives in the quaint cottage town of Prospect Lake and is faced with the challenge of controlling his attraction for Tyler’s father, Nathan. But Chase isn’t the only one with a wandering eye…

Nathan struggles to resist his feelings for his son's best friend while safeguarding his lifelong secret to protect his family. What would you do if the one thing you wanted could ruin your life? The Davidson family's world is set to collapse as the affair is discovered. Can a man keep his family and still hold onto himself?

Best Screenplay – Vancouver Cold Reading Series

Preceded By
Billy’s Dad is a Fudgepacker/Jamie Donahue/USA/2004/7min
In this hilarious spoof of a 1950's style instructional video, Billy’s essay assignment causes him to take a look at the world around him.  What will he be when he grows up?  Does he want to be a policeman or a cowboy?  Or will Billy turn out to be a fudge-packer like his father? 

Followed by Q&A with writer and star Charlie David

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