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Saturday February 7 - 6pm - Time to Laugh Comedy Club

Tru Loved
Stewart Wade/USA/ 2008/103 mins/


Stewart Wade’s new film Tru Loved is a charming romantic comedy and an unabashed gay contribution to the canon of teen films. Tru (short for Gertrude, as in Stein) is the new kid at her So Cal suburban high school. She has two moms, two dads, and everybody thinks she’s the big dyke on campus. However, Tru is thrilled when Lo, a boy, asks her out. He’s gorgeous, the school’s star quarterback, and on their second date he takes her to see…the Marvelous Wonderettes?
Did Tru’s world just get even gayer?

Blessed with her vivid imagination and strong sense of self, Tru sets out to discover her place at her school by founding a gay-straight alliance. With a fierce determination to fight for equal rights, Tru might just succeed in getting everybody around her to toss out their preconceived notions, open their minds, and be true to themselves and those they love.

Talented Najarra Townsend as Tru and other rising actors carry the film, as familiar faces like Jasmine Guy, Nichelle Nichols (Lt. Uhura from Star Trek!), Jane Lynch, Alec Mapa, and Bruce Vilanch round out the stellar supporting cast.

Preceded by
Laugh at Me/David C. Jones/Canada/2007/4min
Vancouver’s queer village breaks into song in this incredibly coordinated queer take on the Sonny Bono Classic!

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