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Saturday February 7 - 2pm - Etherington Auditorium

The New World (Le nouveau monde)
Etienne Dhaene/France/2007/90min


Lucie and Marion want to have a baby. They’ve watched their best lesbian friends do it, so it can’t be that hard, can it? But despite their urbane, modern world, their search for the perfect sperm donor proves a little less smooth than expected. Add in Lucie’s neurotic hippie parents (who worry she’s becoming “too normal”) and Marion’s pathologically homophobic mom (who refuses to acknowledge her daughter’s parenthood) and the hapless couple’s road to babydom is no walk in the playground. Through it all – the donor, the reactions of friends and family and their own cold feet – they find that this brave new world of queer parenting is not quite what they thought it would be. With a strong comedic footing and some genuinely snappy dialogue (even with subtitles!), The New World is an engaging and lighthearted take on modern parenting - lesbian style!

French with English Subtitles

Preceded by:
Babysitting Andy/Pat Mills/Canada/2007/11min
What do you do if you’re nine and nobody will tell you what ’fellatio’ means? When Andy’s uncle and his boyfriend arrive to babysit, she corners them with a Supersoaker and they can do nothing but comply.




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