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Thursday February 5 - 7pm - Biosciences Complex room 1101

Fancy a Rough and Tumble? – A Showcase of Women’s Shorts
These girls like to get down and dirty….


A Lez in Wonderland
Anna Margarita Albelo/France/2006/30min
French reporter, "Anna La Chocha" takes us on an in-depth look at the Dinah Shore Golf Classic Weekend in Palm Springs to find out what really happens when lesbians go wild!

Congratulations Daisy Graham
Cassandra Nicolaou/Canada/2007/15min
Seventy-year-old Daisy Graham is having a hard day. No one in her small town wants to let her forget about the big ceremony tomorrow, a ceremony at the local high school in her honour. But Daisy has more important things to think about than some ceremony....
Winner: Jury Prize for Best Female Short - Philadelphia International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

Hey F*** Face
Amber Dawn/Canada/2008/5min
Hey F*** Face is part two of a three part series of short video poems that explore the puzzling and often hazardous task of being human. Medical specimens, gender bending Christian clergy and kinky sex are just a few of the topics the whimsical narrator touches on during this video.

Jane Blonde
Lorna Richards /Canada/2007/22min
This time tested action hero gets a queer overhaul when Secret Agent Jane Blonde is sent in to discover who is melting the snow in an attempt to thwart the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver. Will she get to the bottom of this devious plot before the games are aborted?

Little Phoenix and the Reign of Fists Director
Mishann Lau Category/Canada/2007/5min
Walking into the wrong park at the wrong time, Little Phoenix comes face to face with Queen. What starts out as a push and shove match quickly escalates into an all out battle royale!

My First Time Driving
Rebecca Feldman/USA/2007/18min
17 year old Rachel wants to take the wheel for the first time, but her overprotective won’t  hand over the keys...
Winner: Best Short Film - Lake Arrowhead Film Festival

Program Length – 95min


A Lez in Wonderland
Hey F*** Face
Little Phoenix and the Reign of
Fists Director

My First Time Driving

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